Chiltern 20 – Results

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Chiltern 20 – Results

15 October 2018

Saturday’s Chiltern 20 was the biggest ever, with 86 teams entering and more than 400 walkers hiking in the Chiltern Hills around Great Missenden. 6FB provided twenty of those walkers, and they did us proud.

After setting off from Manor Drive at 5.30am we arrived at the start point just before half past six, registered and then each team were given their wristbands and had their kit checked to make sure they had everything on the list. Then there was a nervous wait for the start, the school dining hall full of Scouts chatting nervously and watching the weather outside; some early rain meant they had to decide whether to wear waterproofs and risk getting too hot if it stopped, or not wear waterproofs and risk getting soaked if it got worse. Mobile phones were consulted and correctly forecast that the rain would clear by 10.30, to be followed by fine, warm and windy weather for the rest of the day. Andy, Kirsty and Sarah collected their kit and went off to set up Checkpoint 6.

As it grew light the teams set off at timed intervals, having been given the list of checkpoint grid references just a couple of minutes before their start time. The crowd in the hall gradually thinned out as the teams left. With a start time of 10 o’clock, “The Sixth Sense” were one of the last few teams to go; David and I wished them luck and then got hold of a Supporters Copy list of checkpoint references so that we could go and cheer our teams on. We spent the rest of the day visiting various Scout Huts, Village Halls and tents pitched in lay-bys and fields, enjoying glorious autumnal views as we waited for our teams to arrive. With four teams and eight checkpoints there was a lot of driving back and forth as we tried to track their progress and work out expected arrival times. We visited Checkpoint 6 several times, where we enjoyed the 80’s themed music and outfits almost as much as the tea and coffee that Andy, Kirsty and Sarah very kindly provided. Their tent was in the corner of an enormous field with a footpath running diagonally across it, which meant that they could see the teams approaching from more than half a kilometre in the distance. (It also meant that they were very exposed to the strong wind and had to spend a good deal of time making sure the tent didn’t blow away!) As the day wore on we could see that our teams were tiring and suffering with sore feet, but there was no talk of giving up and they encouraged each other on to the finish – a real achievement.

Back at the school the Scouts had a meal, changed into uniform and waited for the results presentation. The Junior Event was announced first and we were delighted to hear that our team had finished 7th out of 20 teams, which was an excellent result. The Checkpojnt 6 crew managed to pack up and get back to the school in time to join us for the Senior Event presentations and so we were able to celebrate together as we heard that out of 66 teams our Scouts had finished, 16th , 12th and 4th.

The Chiltern 20 Challenge is a great event because it demonstrates so much of what Scouting is about. As leaders we can help by providing training, advice on kit, practice hikes and encouragement, but the navigation skills, physical effort, teamwork and determination are up to the scouts themselves. They all stepped up to the challenge and it was lovely to see.




Team Name: One Step at a Time The Last Gasp Keeping It Together The Sixth Sense
Team Number: 114 21 46 62
Walkers: Rohan van Rheede (Leader)

Lydia French

Emilia Teale

Ava O’Byrne

Joe Ward (Leader)

Harry Scott-Hall

Bram Walkden

Leo Nichols

Rosie Swindells

Alex Cucchiara (Leader)

Tom Vettiankal

Bradyn Man

Kevan Phillips

Aidan Sexton

Henry Thomas (Leader)

Tommy French

Stuart van Rheede

Jake Robson

Caoimhe Cummins

Adult walker: John Allen No No No
Event: Junior (15km) Senior (25km) Senior (25km) Senior (25km)
Time: 5h 56m 5h 51m 6h 23m 4h 53m
Position: 7th (out of 20) 12th (out of 66) 16th (out of 66) 4th (out of 66)