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Cubs – Group Camp IMPORTANT

23 May 2018

To all 6FB Cubs going to camp on Friday:

Some important things to note, including additions to the kit list which is on MyScout:


Personal kit

Cubs will need to have their kit checked after Cubs on Wednesday evening. Please bring packed bags to Manor Drive for 8:00 pm and we will try to finish these checks by 8:30 pm.  Cubs should help with the packing so that they know what they have and where. Tick items off on the kit list as you pack and place this list at the top of the kit bag ready for repacking.

Spending money

There is a tuck shop at Thriftwood which sells souvenir badges and woggles, so you may want to bring some spending money – maximum £5. Money must be in a wallet labelled with the Cubs’ name.  You might also want to put a piece of paper in the wallet with ‘6th Friern Barnet’ on it.


The individual campsites at Thriftwood are numbered; we will be on site 18. There is a small car park near this site but as the whole campsite is booked, and other groups will be arriving at the same time, please drive slowly and be prepared to wait for a parking space.  Please share lifts where possible and depart as soon as possible.


During the camp Cubs will be taking part in Laser Tag, Pedal Cars and possibly Axe Throwing, (yes, it is ‘a thing’) as chosen by the Cubs.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.