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Meeting: Wednesday 17th October – Cooking Competition

18:30 – 20:00 hours

Meet at Manor Drive Methodist Church


Duty Six: Yellow

We will be having an inter Six cooking competition this week. Cubs will be given a simple recipe to follow, the basic ingredients and also a selection of additional items which they might add to enhance the original recipe.

Sixes will be judged on hygiene, cooking skills, taste and clearing up.

Cubs should bring an apron if possible. Long hair should be tied back.

We expect the Cubs to help clear away before leaving at the end of the meeting.

We will be selecting 4 Cubs to take part in the District Cooking Competition in November.

Should you need a new Group t-shirt (£7) or hoodie (£14) before this weekend’s camp these will be on sale at the end of this week’s Cub meeting.


Code Of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct was written in discussion with the Cubs and we have all agreed to follow it, in order to make sure that Pack meetings and activities continue to be productive and enjoyable for everyone.

Please have a read (or re-read) and familiarise yourself with it. The Code of Conduct, Law and Promise are also on display during Cub Scout meetings at Manor Drive.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Autumn reminders:

1)    Group Camp
19th – 21st October Scout Park Campsite – details on My.Scout

2)    Barnet Borough District Fireworks
Saturday 3rd November
Frith Grange Campsite 6:00 pm

3)    Group Show
Friday 14th December
Manor Drive Church 7:00 pm

Where is Frith Grange campsite?

Click here for a map of Frith Grange Campsite