Hurl paint for Holi

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Hurl paint for Holi

5 February 2020

Our Eurojammers are fundraising with the help of Holi!

(Don’t know what it’s all about? Have a look at this video:

Holi is a beautiful Indian festival that symbolises peace, harmony and friendship – and it is great fun!

The Unit is holding their festival at Scout Park, Gordon Road, Bounds Green N11 2PB on Sunday 8th March.

Entry to the festival will open at 3.30pm, with paint available to buy from 4.15pm for a 4.30pm colour kick-off. The cost is £2 for entry, and they’ll be selling powdered paint for 50p a bag.

They recommend wearing/bringing along old clothes or a white t-shirt for the maximum after effect!

All paint sold at the event is skin, plant and environment friendly.

There will be food stalls, drinks and sweets for sale, gifts to buy and live music.