Logo Challenge – RESULTS

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Logo Challenge – RESULTS

4 May 2020

Beaver Winner

Judge’s Comment: Though the sticks are different sizes and shapes they all came together well

Cub Winner

Judge’s Comments: I like the progression of the Lego model and the finished piece shows that some definite thought and effort was put into making this Lego model and the end result is very well done.

Scout Winner

Judge’s Comments: each entry was scored on Originality, Skill, Effort and Aesthetics. Arranging the matches took a lot of effort, the shape is exactly right and lighting the matches was spectacular.

Family Winner

Judge’s Comments: Clearly a lot of effort and co-ordination went into this. They are all
dressed the same and the body art they accomplished is impressive. The photograph they have taken is interesting as it took me a moment to realise that there were actually three people in the shot. Turning it black and white was a very good idea as it made the picture immediately obvious what it was; the Scout Logo.

Leader Winner

This was judged by the Patrol Leader’s Council, who scored each entry on Originality, Skill, Effort and Aesthetics.