Senior Cub Camp Kit List

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Senior Cub Camp Kit List

13 June 2018
Here’s the kit list for this weekend’s Senior Cub Camp.

Uniform – to travel/arrive in
1 Rucksack/holdall for kit (no suitcases)
1 Sleeping bag
1 Blanket
1 Pillow and case
1 Sleeping Mat (or a 2nd blanket)
1 Pair warm pyjamas or tracksuit
3 Pairs of socks 4 (1x long for with wellies)
2 Pairs of underpants
2 T-shirts
2 Jumpers or sweatshirts
2 Long-sleeved tops
2 Pair of shorts
1 Pairs of trousers
1 Packet of hankies/tissues
1 Pair Wellington boots
1 Pair Walking boots or sturdy shoes
1 Pair old plimsolls or trainers
1 Pair Crocs or activity sandals 9 (optional)
1 Pair gloves
2 Waterproof coats (1x trousers if possible)
1 Warm hat
1 Sun hat
1 Warm scarf

Bag to hold all of the above

Hair ties/bands/clips for long hair
Sun screen
Torch (small) – pack batteries separately

Water bottle (small)
Pencil/pen & notepad
Clothes hanger with bar (for uniform)
Book or comic
Favourite small (cuddly) toy
Plastic bag for wet/dirty clothes

Medicine if required (labelled & to be handed to a leader on arrival)

Please do not use bin liners for your kit because they do not last.

Please mark ALL items (except the soap) with your name.
Old clothes are better than new for camping in. You WILL get muddy!
Please pack your bag yourself so that you know what you have and where it is.

Cubs must do this as part of their Camper Badge.

Tick off items as you add them to the bag, write your name on the list and put it in the top of your bag to help with repacking.

Penknives or hunting knives are not allowed.
Cubs in possession of these will be sent home.


Please do not bring mobile telephones, electronic games or games with small pieces on camp.  The Scout Group will not be held responsible for the safety of such items.

Food will NOT be allowed in the sleeping areas as it attracts vermin.
If you have any queries about the above please talk to a leader.