Signing up for camps & events from 1st June 2018

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Signing up for camps & events from 1st June 2018

24 May 2018

Arranging camps and events always take a lot of time, and of course all of the leader team are unpaid volunteers with ‘day jobs’ who give up their precious free time for us.

We try to keep paperwork to a minimum in order to help you, but also because it’s difficult to get everything returned to us.  We set deadlines for this because we need time to prepare – e.g. for camps we need to know how many tents we need, activities have to be booked, and menus need to be prepared, costed and the food bought (taking into account any allergies and special diets).

There’s always a reason for setting a deadline and it makes things extremely tricky when forms are late or exceptions are asked for.

However, a lot of the time we’re just checking that information hasn’t changed.

That’s why I’d like to use this system from the 1st June 2018.  Hopefully it will make things easier for you as well as for us.

When a new camp/event/activity etc is announced:

  • We will no longer send a Permission to Camp and Health Information Form to you
  • We have already set up your details on the Online Scout Manager (OSM) system
  • We will send you invitations to camps, events etc using the OSM My.Scout system
  • We will remind you in the invitation to check that the details on My.Scout are correct and up to date, and set a date by which this should be done for this camp/event.  Don’t forget to update any dietary, religious or medical needs, and make sure that your contact details (especially your phone numbers) are correct
  • We will include in the invitation any special requirements (such as, “ You must be able to swim 50m” for example)
  • We will take your acceptance of the invitation through My.Scout as your permission for your child(ren) to attend
  • We will use the details that are recorded by the stated date on My.Scout as the basis for menu planning, help with medication, special needs and adaptations etc
  • You will make sure that any payments are made by the stated deadlines (whether that’s through My.Scout or some other way)

The only times that we will then need additional forms from you are if:

  • The young people are being offered certain shooting activities
  • We’re subject to someone else’s rules, eg the Haarlem Jamborette (which is also in a different country and therefore subject to their laws)

If for any reason you can’t access the My.Scout system by the deadline you can ask us to add/amend the details as necessary for you – but the deadline will still apply.

If you need help with getting onto the My.Scout system please ask.

If you have no idea what My.Scout is please see

Please also bear in mind:

  • No deposit payments will be refunded after the invitation has been accepted
  • Other payments may be refundable (in full or in part) at the Group’s sole discretion
  • If money has already been paid on to suppliers and other organisations outside the Group (eg for food, supplies, booking fees, activities etc) it cannot be refunded

One final thing: please don’t sign your young people up for something unless they want to do it! This can lead to them not enjoying themselves or cancelling at the last minute because they just don’t fancy it.

I hope that this will mean less stress all round, that less paper is wasted, and less money too.  If this causes difficulties for you, or if I haven’t explained it very well, please ask.




Information about My.Scout is here:

Andrew Rush
Group Scout Leader